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Rotura, a photographic installation explores notions of physical and cultural fragmentation and displacement. This digitally manipulated photographic work captures the beauty of a unique cultural object and reframes its position in a contemporary art context. Whilst parts of the object have fragmented during the art making process, its delicate beauty has been contained with latex and recorded through digital means. This work is a celebration and acknowledgment of a precious object that takes us back in time.

Extensive research is an important requirement in order to understand the foundation upon which the ideas for this work are based. Investigating the world around me and interrogating material, helps me to achieve a greater perspective of an emotional reference to history. The main concept that was researched in the creation of this work, deals with looking and engaging with process. I initially set to explore the idea of fragmentation. The second part of the process was a discovery of a curiosity of my own identity.

RMIT Graduate Exhibition
2005 Fine Art Sculpture Graduate Exhibition
RMIT University,

2005/2006 Digital'05: EXQUISITE
International Digital Print Exhibition New York Hall of Science
New York City, USA

Size: 500mm x 500mm
Lightbox, Duratran print

Size: 100mm x 100mm