Copyright © Rosa Mar Tato Ortega

Hawthorn Grove House Commission

In June 2011 Rosa was commissioned to create a functional outdoor space.
Views from inside and out acts as a gate to pool area.

2600mm x 6mm mild steel panels.
powdercoated and rust finish.

North Facing
Fixed Patterned Gate mild steel laser cut, framed up with corten backing
approx. 1.1 width and 1.75 + in height.

South Facing
Fixed and swinging 2 sectioned lasercut patterned mild steel gate with corten backing.
(1.75 + in height)

West Facing
3 – 6 overlapping patterns in sections (approx 2.4m Height) infront of a corten backing fence line (corten fence height 1.75m).

The East Facing work will be the centre piece of the installation spanning
approx 3.3 w  X  2.4  h meters.

Existing Fence line (1.75  meters) will be covered by corten sheets at the same height.
Patterned works will rise over the fence line in front of corten sheets.